How to Know the secret information of girls!

Understand the secret information of girls! In love, they are eating. But by extension, she will offer love to the girl, she does not have the courage. If you see, how do you become ‘Vabla’. Pendulam looks like a waist-like suppression. Does the girl also love? She fell in love? Or is all one-sided? Just love yourself?

I do not feel like studying Simply Uchaton. I do not mind lectures in class. What to do? What is to do? I’ll say I’m you? Do not say it either. But, understand what, he has weaknesses? Actually, girls do not even talk about love. But before love, the girls try to convince their loved one through the infinite eight hints that he loves you too.

Going to the Coffee shop :

It is already decided that at the end of the college, both of them will go to eat coffee. The girl also agreed. Seeing that there was a lot of seagulls. Not once, when you want to go anywhere, the girl comes very consciously.

Play with hair:

If you are in the window, you will see that the girl is trying to be close. Talking to you is going to play with hair, Look at the eyes and understand his body language, what he wants and what he does not want. You can tell him in silence.

Speak to your eye:

This is the incident, if you do not like, any girl will not agree to tour with you. If you see, the girl is listening to you carefully, she is not reading, looking at your eyes glimely, you have a place for yourself in her mind.