Spices that increase the immunity

In the rainy season the virus is fever, common cold, secretion, and stomach problems. And if the disease resistance is less in the body then bacterial infections can increase. These spices can be used to stay healthy and increase your immune system. These spices work great to increase your immune system.


Hing antibiotics and anti-viral Hing strengthens our immune system, stomach aches and gas problems are harmful. You can add hing, curry, pulses and other ranchers.


A pinch of yellow may reduce your stomach problems. Eat a pinch of turmeric, a glass of milk, and even a glass of milk. Disease prevention will increase.

Black pepper helps reduce gas and other problems in the stomach. In addition to reducing the problem of inflammation, pepper is also very beneficial as antioxidant, anti-bacterial. You can use egg, sandwich, soup, salad, round pepper.


Clove is rich in antioxidants. There is also a clove of gangrenes which reduces the risk of infection in the blood and the body has the ability to fight against bacterial diseases.


Methi helps reduce blood cholesterol levels. They increase the immunity and protect us from fever and various infections in the rainy season.


Cinnamon is rich in antioxidants and provides plenty of manganese, calcium, fiber and iron in the body.