The food that will be kept alive forever

We do not follow much to maintain youth. But there are some foods that you will be playing in the rules of youth.

Find out some of these foods:
Egg: Eggs can be cooked or fried, all the eggs are a very useful diet for health. Eggs contain a lot of vitamin B5 and B6, which helps in hormonal functioning and helps in reducing stress. Every morning breakfast

Honey: There are many benefits of honey. In the morning, after eating the honey with the tongue in empty stomach, the cuff is removed, the stomach is cleansed, the body is exposed to the contaminated substances, the book opens, the stomach becomes normal, the brain receives energy, the energy comes in normal heat, the strength increases, the removal of urinary stones By doing, urine is normal, gas emits and increases appetite. Honey is also beneficial for paralysis.Honey extract thousands of flowers and grains. There is a great deal of doubt about whether all the researchers from the world can gather together to create an essay.

Milk: The role of milk is unmatched by the increase in physical strength and youth. Especially the goat milk plays an extraordinary role in increasing the physical strength of the male. The secret of this is that milk can be removed by drying the dryness of the body and rapidly replacing it with digestion, producing sperm, producing red color, removes unnecessary pollutants of the body, and strengthens the brain.

Nuts and seeds: Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, Chinese nuts, cashew nuts, pistachios etc. have the necessary monocotyledon fat for the body and they produce beneficial cholesterol in the body. This cholesterol is very important for sex hormones to function properly. So try to eat nuts a little bit every day. It will be good for your physical health.

Tea without sugar: If you drink tea without milk and sugar every day, lots of antioxidants are available in the body. Activates tea brains, increases blood flow and helps in improving memory. Green Tea or color without sugar for at least three to five cups of milk daily is good for physical health and body weight decreases slightly.

Garlic: It cured the disease. There are many benefits of garlic. Garlic starts well, menses start, normalizes urine, emits gas from the stomach, creates physical ability among dull people, increases semen, darkens semen of warmth, helps in stomach pain, and helps in spreading asthma and shiver diseases. Do it. However, the use of garlic for pregnant women is harmful. This juice is also called as Abe Hayat.