Bollywood’s Top 10 Rich Actress!

The fans of Bollywood stars are eager to know about their lives, loved ones, homes, cars, life styles, movements, weddings, property etc. And there is only glamour and talent in Bollywood career, which is also topped by wealth, as well as some actress information is presented-

1. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan:
She is the bride of Bollywood’s Bachchan family. She is a former world charmer. He has given a great amount of business pictures. Recently he has been regular on screen for a five-year break. The actress currently has a total value of $ 35 million

2. Amisha Patel:
Kay Pyar Haiyapatya this long actress is not on the screen. The great actress currently has $ 30 million worth of total assets.

3. Amrita Rao:
The Bollywood actress is currently worth 20 million dollars in total assets. Although there is not much discussion in Bollywood, there is no pair in the south. She was in the discussion by acting in the movie Main Huna.

4. Kajal Devas:
The Simranika actress is no longer seen on screen as before. After a long five-year break, he made a khady on screen with Shahrukh Khan in ‘Dilwale’ movie. He’s going to be seen again on the screen. At present, the value of this heroine’s total assets is 16 million dollars.

5. Ilyana Decrees:
She is one of Bollywood’s great actresses. He made his debut in Bollywood through the film Barfi. Despite irregularities, he is almost in the discussion. The total value of this actress is $ 14 million.

6. Karisma Kapoor:
He is one of the number one actress in Bollywood. He has gifted all the great and commercially successful pictures. Because of fashion, he has different praise. A few days ago, his long married life ended. It’s heard he’ll come back to the screen. The total value of this heroine is $ 12 million.

7. Preity Zinta:
He’s been on the screen for a long time. But in the discussion he is always there. He was married a US citizen a few days ago and now he is a full-fledged housewife. He also bought a team in the IPL. So, the IPL brought her husband to India on the occasion. The sweet actress’s total property value is $ 10 million.

8. Mallika Sherawat:
This actress is not currently busy on screen, but her wealth is not less than that. It is known that the total property value of this actress is $ 10 million.

9. Dimple Kapadia:
Once upon a time, this actress is not on the screen. So what? Bollywood does not forget him. He is a movable heroine in Bollywood. At present, his total assets are worth 10 million dollars.

10. Priyanka Chopra:
This heroine, who is in a mission to win Hollywood, is currently in a mission to win Hollywood. He recently received the Padma Shri award. Also many more rewards have been attached to it. He is also a former world leader. Do you know the wealth of this former world beauty? It is known that his total property value is $ 8 million.