The way to get blood clots from clothes

It can be easily washed if some stains in the cloth. But there are some strains that do not rise easily, as well as blood stains. It is not possible to completely remove blood prices with many chemicals or laundry stores. But there is some ingredient in the cooking house that can be easily removed from the house and can be used to remove blood stains.


It is better to wash the cloth before it stays before it is washed. Put the cloth in a bowl and pour white vinegar on top of it. Do not mix with water. Then leave it for 5-10 minutes. Then wash the cloth, if necessary, once again, keep aside vinegar again. Acid helps in removing stains from vinegar cloth.

Coca Cola

Often, outside the home, there was an accident in the accident, and the clothes stained blood stains. Where can you find vinegar? Buy Coca Cola or Pepsi from a shop and wash them with stained cloth. Better if you can soak for a while. Then wash it with water.


Make a paste by mixing cold water with Cornflower or Corn Starch. Apply the paste to the scar on the scarf. Then dry the cloth in the sun. If the paste is dry then shake with the brush. You see, the scarring of Corn Flowers has gone away.

Tallakom Powder

Tallakam powder has a house in everyone’s house in the summer. Tolkomm Powder works like Cornflower. Make a paste by mixing it with water and apply it on the cloth. After drying powder, shake the powder.

Salty water

Mix salt with cold water and soak it in a blood-stained cloth. After 3-4 hours wash with normal detergent, you will see.